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SPOC IT Projektmanagement SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement
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SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement

Questions of the Client

?: Why do I need external resources such as SPOC IT?
!: Your company has knowledge and experience in the core business. It is sales, production, marketing etc.. And whereupon it should also concentrate. Footstep now a temporally limited situation up, which concerns your company considerably and influence on the strategy or the business process, then external resources make sense.

?: But I have nevertheless good, trained coworkers. We can handle this by ourselves.
!: Coworker were selected according to abilities for one determine task. This task is to be fulfilled long-term and in a given firm structure. For projects new structures must be created, distributed responsibilities and released project workers (everything only temporarly), so that necessary resources are available. Usually the person determined internally with the order does not have the authority, too little time or simply the necessary experience for it not. But nobody must apologize, because that were also not the requirements with the employment.

?:Does SPOC IT solve thus my problems?
!: SPOC IT can bring in new ideas, point solution methods out, accompany and accomplish projects. But in each case in co-operation with your company. The multi-portion of success have your coworker/project members. Because only these have the detail knowledge of the business field, live firm philosophy and know the process cycles and information flows exactly. These factors are crucial for success.

?:If an external cooperation is assigned, then the project protracts itself and the company does not become the external partner any more loosely. Finally they only want to sell.
!: A project is always temporally limited and has a pre-defined goal. This control is incumbent on the client (control organ). External resources are to bridge personnel or knowledge bottlenecks. That's what we offer. Our motivation is common success. To be involved and thus in the background in continuing your company. The financial interest is naturally in each company present. Otherwise their future is posed in question. But the main motivation must lie in the activity area. Who does somewhat gladly, this does also well. For this firm ethics we stand in.

?: When do I need SPOC IT?
!: A condition developed, which concerns your company and which business process will affect. For example

  • Adapt to legal requirements
  • Pool or allocation of a division
  • Synergy use of department-spreading processes
  • Extension of the business field
  • Better employment of personnel abilities
  • Employment, adjustment, development, migration, separation, strategy of computer science in the hardware and software range
  • Dead point in a current project. New impulses are in demand.
  • Mediation in a conflict situation
  • Evaluation of new computer science products

?: Is SPOC IT always the correct partner?
!: SPOC IT concentrates on ranges, within which we are competent. In addition during a project regular, internal status evaluations are accomplished. If our evaluation is like that that we cannot fulfill the order with our own resources, then we have a network of partner companies, with which we successfully co-operate and pull if necessary.
Depending upon our evaluation it can lead even to the fact that we reject and/or return an order. It cannot be the goal of out-provoking the budget of the client and of through-being entitled with unmotivated parties a project, whose success is posed in question from the beginning.

SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement
SPOC IT Projektmanagement